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Adding Your Galleries

If you wish to add your Distinction Panel or a Member Gallery to this site then this is what you need to know.

Distinction Panels

  • You can add your sucessful  ARPS or FRPS Panel or your sucessful LRPS Panel if the 10 images were all Nature images.

  • Please include an image of the panel layout with the panel images

Member Galleries

A maximum of 12 images.  The content can be any 'Nature' subject ie  All creatures - birds, mammals, reptiles, marine life, insects, etc.  and All plant life (including flora, fungi, lichens) and all other subjects, including geological and microscopy, plus patterns, design and form found within nature.


  • Your image files should be named as follows:  Image Title by Author.jpg  eg ‘Bird by John Smith ARPS.jpg’.   This is important as the title is used to create the accreditation/copyright shown when hovering over the image.  

  • All images must be converted to sRGB colour and saved in jpg format 

  • All images should be forwarded to the webmaster, at: via wetransfer, or a similar application, to avoid issues with email size limits. 

  • Do not worry about image size, that will be adjusted when preparing and adding the gallery to the website.

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