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Navigation Guidelines
The 'Galleries' item in the main menu will allow you to select the Gallery Type you require

Clicking this menu item

  • will show show a sub menu of the gallery types available  (ie the 3 types described on the home page).

  • You can then click a the gallery type to be shown thumbnails of the available galleries.

  • Clicking a thumbnail will open the gallery as a slideshow that progresses automatically.

Clicking an image in the slideshow:

  • Will switch to manual mode. 

  • The image will be shown with left and right arrows alongside. 

  • Clicking these arrows or using the left and right arrows on the keyboard will allow you to move through the images.

  • In this mode the menus will not be visible. 

  • Pressing escape will return you to the automatic slideshow and the menus will again be visible.

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